Limitless Adventure

Limitless Adventure

It seemed like there weren't enough podcasts where two buddies could just sit around and talk about geek stuff. Charles and Keenan decided to change all that. Listen to them discuss their passions, which are firmly rooted in Apple, technology, video games, and design.

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    24. Mining Solid Water

    A mutual distaste for IPAs. Space. REX. Word Flow. Ray Romano and other terrible impressions.

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    23. Basic Human Urges

    Throat lubrication. The Division. Dark Souls III. Internet outrage.

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    21. Happy Max

    Update on #NoOctothorpe. Imposter Syndrome. Mad Max. Drone Racing.

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    20. Electric Granny

    iPhone 7 with no headphone jack. Big changes in iOS 9.3. Microsoft's answer to Apple TV. CES. Netflix launching in 130 countries. Autonomous automobiles.

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    15. Ruse Gold

    Cilantro and getting shanked are no fun. Video games are fun. We talk about video games.

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    14. Connoisseur of Voices

    Accents, Demi Lovato, Microsoft Stores, Apple News, Google and podcasts, Netflix branding, REI.

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    11. The Pump Lobby

    We drink beer and talk iOS 9 content blockers, Apple Watch bands, Tesla, Destiny, and the Extra Life marathon. Plus lots more.

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    10. Keenan Can't Math

    Keenan talks through his anxiety. Charles has tummy issues.

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    8. Sorry, Not Sorry

    Starbursts. Mackelmore's latest video. Google's logo. Gear S2. Digital celebrities.

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    7. Yesterdaygram

    Charles follows up on Carly Rae Jepsen. Keenan and Charles talk about Philip Glass. HTC's rumored phone makes an appearance. Facebook has an AI. Instagram's not square. What will it take for America to change on gun violence?

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    4. Rich White Guys' Comment Section

    Topics this week include, but are not limited to: glitches in the Matrix; what's next for the Top Gear Hosts; Blackbox, a new boring business company from Cards Against Humanity; Mirror's Edge Catalyst; Moto X Style; and Apple merging the online store with the rest of their site.

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    3.5. X-Pipe

    A lively and surprising discussion on net neutrality is the core of an episode that covers everything from the Berenstain Bears, Apple as an MVNO, and Windows 10.

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    1. Doing it Right

    The inaugural episode of Limitless Adventure includes Keenan wondering what he should even call Charles. Then the two jump into hard hitting topics like Apple Music, the whole situation with Ellen Pao and reddit, The Verge turning off comments, and diversity in tech.

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